Breast Reduction Can Alleviate Physical Discomfort and Create Better Proportions

Dr. Ramon Robles performs breast reduction surgery at his Phoenix, AZ, practice to remove excess breast tissue and alleviate discomfort. Overly large breasts can cause a number of painful complications, including neck, back, and shoulder pain. Patients may also struggle to find clothing that fits properly, while certain activities such as exercise can be uncomfortable. On top of the physical discomfort, many patients suffer emotional distress as a result of their disproportionate body contours and unwanted attention. Breast reduction can give patients the relief they seek. 

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Breast reduction can improve your confidence and alleviate discomfort.

Is Breast Reduction Right for You?

If disproportionately large breasts cause you chronic physical discomfort, you may qualify for breast reduction. The procedure is ideal for women over the age of 18 whose breasts have fully developed. If possible, you should wait until you are sure you are done having children, as pregnancy can affect your results and the procedure may inhibit your ability to breastfeed. In general, the procedure is recommended for patients who are in good health, but are suffering due to overly large breasts. 

What to Expect during the Procedure

The specifics of your breast reduction procedure are dependent on the current and desired size of the breasts and the incision pattern used. Patients with extremely large breasts typically require the anchor pattern, which involves one incision around the nipple, a vertical incision downward from the nipple, and a horizontal incision in the breast crease. This allows greater access and removal of the breast tissues. A vertical pattern works best for patients with moderately large breasts. For patients with mostly excess fatty tissue, liposuction is an option. Another factor that will affect your procedure is whether partial or full removal and repositioning of the nipple is necessary. 

On top of the physical discomfort, many patients suffer emotional distress as a result of their disproportionate body contours and unwanted attention.

In general, the procedure may take two to four hours to complete. Dr. Robles will create the appropriate incision pattern and then carefully remove excess breast tissue and skin. He will then reposition the nipple if needed before closing the incisions. 

Your Breast Reduction Recovery and Results

You can expect some swelling and soreness for the first several days following your procedure. Light activity is encouraged, but you should avoid bending and lifting. Most patients are able to return to work within one week. Within six weeks, you can typically return to all normal activities, including more strenuous exercise such as running. While it may take several months to achieve your final results, you should notice an almost immediate reduction in physical discomfort.

In addition to the significant reduction in physical discomfort, you will likely experience many of the same benefits as breast augmentation and other breast procedures, such as boosted confidence, improved appearance, and greater clothing options. Breast reduction can significantly improve both your confidence and your overall quality of life. 

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