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How to Choose a Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Knowing how to choose a breast augmentation surgeon is the single most powerful way for a woman to ensure that she achieves the results she desires. Your surgeon should be experienced, have a stellar reputation, provide a portfolio of before-and-after images for you to review, and make you feel comfortable and valued as a patient. Dr. Ramon Robles in Phoenix, AZ, explains the characteristics you should demand in a plastic surgeon.


Put simply, a more experienced surgeon is more likely produce to produce excellent results. Dr. Robles, for example, has performed more than 4,000 breast augmentation surgeries over the course of his career. You can assess a prospective surgeon's experience by reviewing his or her resume and asking to explore a portfolio of patient results, which should be extensive. During this stage, it pays to take time to look for photos of patients whose "before" photos exhibit characteristics similar those you wish to enhance. You should also ask your surgeon how often he or she has had to perform revision surgery.

While finding a surgeon with experience is necessary, you must also find someone with whom you feel comfortable.

You also want to select a board-certified surgeon. Surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) meet stringent qualifications. Training includes six years of surgical training in addition to at least three years of training specific to plastic surgery. Surgeons must also complete continuing education courses each year. Meanwhile, members are required to perform procedures in accredited or state-licensed facilities. 


You should also consider your surgeon’s office location and the facility where he or she will perform your surgery. You will have several follow-up appointments after your surgery, so a convenient office location is ideal. You should also verify that the facility where your surgeon will perform your surgery is licensed and accredited, which is essential to your safety and quality of care. Dr. Robles performs all surgical procedures in a surgical facility accredited by the State of Arizona. While this is a separate facility from our office, it is conveniently located for easy access. 

The Surgeon's Versatility

An ideal breast augmentation surgeon can offer you multiple augmentation options beyond the choice between silicone or saline breast implants. For example, your surgeon should be able to use a variety of incision patterns based on the type of implant you desire, and whether you prefer submuscular or subglandular placement. Many patients desire to combine their augmentation with a breast lift to better achieve their desired results. Be sure to spend plenty of time in your consultation explaining what you hope to achieve and asking questions about how he or she can provide these results. Again, ask the surgeon to show you photos of his or her patients who have undergone similar procedures.

A patient explains why she chose Dr. Robles to perform her breast augmentation surgery.

Bedside Manner

One of the most important factors to consider is how the surgeon makes you feel when you meet him or her for your initial consultation. Your surgeon should be attentive and patient, and willing to answer each and every question you have. In general, you should feel comfortable being open and honest with your surgeon. If your surgeon seems to rush you through your consultation or seems impatient with your questions, it is probably a strong indication to look elsewhere.

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