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Enhance your Contours with Fat Transfer

If you are dissatisfied with the volume and the shape of your buttocks or breasts, you can undergo a breast augmentation or a Brazilian butt lift that utilizes your own body fat to create a shapely figure. Dr. Ramon Robles harvests fat from either the patient's abdomen, hips, back, or bra roll through liposuction. He then injects the purified fat into the treatment area to resize it, which simultaneously diminishes the fat deposits as well. Fat transfer, or fat grafting, at our Phoenix, AZ, practice is an effective method of enhancing your body's contours without using implants.

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If you would like to enhance the volume of your buttocks, fat transfer can be an optimal solution. 

Determining Candidacy for Fat Transfer

When you come in for an initial consultation with Dr. Robles at Robles Plastic Surgery, he will first review your candidacy for liposuction. Candidates for fat grafting need to be in good general health, as well as possess a sufficient amount of excess fat.

At our practice, fat grafting can be used to fill out your buttocks or breasts.

Before the fat transfer procedure, we will provide you with preparatory instructions. These will include guidelines on eating and drinking as well as avoiding smoking and anti-inflammatory drugs, which can hamper your blood's ability to clot and interfere with your recovery.

Fat Transfer Procedure 

Before the procedure, Dr. Robles will numb the area where the fat is being harvested. Then he will make minimal incisions and use a small cannula (tube) to remove some of the fat from the donor site with the power-assisted liposuction (PAL) system. Dr. Robles uses this innovative tool combined with the Tumescent technique for a more comfortable experience and excellent results. The collected fat is then prepared through purification. Next, Dr. Robles precisely injects the purified fat into your buttocks or breasts, depending on the treatment.

The fat transfer surgery can last between two and four hours, based on the extent of work being done. Patients should arrange for someone to drive them home following the procedure.

Fat Transfer Recovery

The recovery process will differ according to the treatment you undergo, whether for a breast or a buttock enhancement. Dr. Robles will provide instructions on how to recover quickly after a butt lift or breast augmentation, as well as schedule follow-up checkups.

You should expect to experience swelling and bruising during the first week. This should begin to fade by the second week, but you are likely to still have swelling. In most cases, there will be significant improvement in seven to 10 days. You should rest and refrain from any strenuous activity for at least the first few days. Patients typically return to work one to two weeks after the fat transfer surgery.

Expected Results

This process can help patients achieve natural-looking contours and a more proportional figure. In some cases, more than one procedure is necessary to achieve the desired results. Overall, fat grafting is a preferred method of buttock augmentation, as the filler consists of your own fat tissues and is readily accepted by the body. In certain cases, Dr. Robles may overfill the treated areas, as some amount of the injected fat may be reabsorbed. As the final results become apparent, the grafted areas will appear fuller and softer, and your skin texture may improve as well. Dr. Robles is highly skilled with the fat transfer procedure, which will increase the longevity of your results. The improvement is often permanent; however, touchup procedures are sometimes required if a percentage of the fat does not take.

Reach Out to Begin Your Transformation

Whether you want to improve the appearance of your breasts or want to augment the size of your buttocks, fat transfer can help you achieve enhanced contours without the aid of artificial implants. Dr. Robles and his knowledgeable staff offer a discreet space to begin your transformation. Contact us to learn more about this procedure, and to schedule a consultation.

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