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Mini Facelift

Sagging along the jawline and jowls can detract from your appearance, making you look much older than you feel within.

If you want to improve the signs of aging in your lower face without undergoing a full facelift, a mini facelift can benefit you immensely.

Board-certified surgeon Ramon Robles has a stellar reputation that has made our Phoenix, AZ, office a top choice for mini facelifts. 

Mini Procedure, Big Results

A mini facelift utilizes many of the same techniques as the ever-popular traditional facelift. This version of a facelift requires smaller incisions and is less invasive.

A mini facelift can correct a variety of cosmetic concerns. These include sagging along the jawline, wrinkles on the corners of the mouth, and even a double chin. 

It is important to note that a mini facelift cannot achieve the same level of transformation as a full facelift. While a full facelift can address deep wrinkles and sagging from the cheeks to the lower neck, a mini facelift is ideal for patients who are looking to reverse early signs of aging in the lower third of the face and the upper neck only. However, even with a more limited treatment scope, your mini facelift can still deliver outstanding results.

Our Board-Certified Surgeon

Dr. Robles is renowned for his use of advanced technology and techniques. He performs surgery with a focus on reducing discomfort and expediting recovery times. 

His advanced level of care becomes clear before he even begins treatment. Dr. Robles uses TouchMD software to record his complimentary consultations. This allows you to review everything discussed at your mini facelift consultation on your phone or computer so you can take your time to make a fully informed, empowering decision about your cosmetic care. 

Turn Back the Clock With a Mini Facelift Request a Free Consultation With Our Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Robles is a skilled plastic surgeon who pays great attention to each aspect of the surgical process. He designed our office to provide an elevated level of comfort to patients from Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, and beyond. Our practice is ultra-modern, tranquil, and patient-focused. Each of these qualities is intended to make your mini facelift experience as stress-free as possible. 

Our plastic surgeon also seeks to reduce financial stress for his patients. Dr. Robles accepts CareCredit®, a financing option that allows you to make payments in convenient monthly installments. To receive high-quality, affordable treatment in a comforting environment, all you need to do is contact us to request your complimentary consultation. 

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Our plastic surgery professionals provide elite treatment to patients throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, and Mesa, AZ.

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Jacqueline Robles


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Dr. Robles is great, very straightforward and compassionate. Does not try to sugar coat anything just to take your money like other surgeons. Very caring staff, highly recommend him!

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Christy Sherman


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If you want an amazing surgeon you must go see Dr Robles... You will be amazed with his process and results. Loving the new me. Thank you does not even describe the gratitude I feel and how much I love the new me!

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Preparing For Your Mini Facelift

There are several actions you should take in the month before your surgery. Doing so can reduce the likelihood of surgical risks, which are rare, and increase the effectiveness of your treatment. 

  • Avoid all nicotine products for four weeks prior to surgery and six weeks after
  • Stop taking blood thinners like aspirin for two weeks before surgery
  • Do not drink alcohol in the 48 hours before your mini facelift
  • Do not eat or drink for six hours before you arrive at our Phoenix office

The Mini Facelift Timeline

Either oral conscious sedation or general anesthesia, administered under the care of a trained anesthesiologist, are available to maintain your comfort throughout the procedure.

Day of Procedure

Either oral conscious sedation or general anesthesia, administered under the care of a trained anesthesiologist, are available to maintain your comfort throughout the procedure.


A traditional facelift is performed with general anesthesia. Since a mini facelift is less invasive, you may only need oral conscious sedation, combined with local anesthesia, to maintain your comfort. Dr. Robles offers both oral sedation and general anesthesia. He works with a trusted anesthesiologist who has more than 30 years of experience. 

Making Incisions

Dr. Robles will make precise incisions hidden under your hairline to create access to underlying fat and soft tissue. Mini facelifts require smaller incisions than full facelifts. The smaller incisions lessen the risk of scarring. 


Dr. Robles will tighten the skin and muscles in your lower face to smooth wrinkles and reverse sagging. He takes a conservative approach to ensure his patients enjoy natural-looking results.


After tightening, Dr. Robles will remove excess skin and fat, particularly in the jowls (the lower cheeks above the jawline). He may redistribute some of this fat to give your face a more youthful appearance. 

Closing Incisions

Dr. Robles will carefully close the incisions with dissolvable sutures. The treated areas of your face will be wrapped in temporary bandages to expedite healing.  

Mini Facelift Recovery Is Swift

One of the biggest advantages of a mini facelift compared to a full facelift is a much faster recovery time. Patients who receive mini facelifts at our Phoenix, AZ, office typically experience just a single week of recovery symptoms, including swelling and tenderness, before they can comfortably return to work and socialize. However, it's important to remember that it can take a month or more to see the full results of a mini facelift, and minor healing can continue up to a year after the procedure.

Dr. Robles remains committed to his patients long after they leave his operating room. He will prescribe antibiotics and pain medications as needed, provide detailed recovery instructions, and advise you about when it is safe to resume strenuous physical activity. 

How Long  Does a Mini Facelift Last?


No type of facelift, not even a full facelift, can provide permanent results. The effects of a traditional facelift typically last about 15 years. You can expect your mini facelift results to last anywhere from 5–10 years. 

As you can see, the mini option offers longer-lasting results than non-invasive treatments, but not as long as a traditional facelift. If you are unsure which facelift method is right for you, rest assured that Dr. Robles is here to answer all your questions.  

Facelifts Are Popular Among Both Men & Women

Some men are interested in aesthetic improvements but are under the misconception that plastic surgery is not for them. The truth is, from 2000 to 2018, there was a 29% increase in the number of men who received cosmetic procedures.

In 2021, the Aesthetic Society reported that facelifts were the sixth most popular cosmetic surgical procedure for men. The targeted nature of a mini facelift is especially beneficial for both men and women who want facial enhancement without drawing attention to the fact they have had work done. 

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Maria Biorn


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Dr. Robles and his staff were absolutely amazing. I would recommend Dr. Robles to anyone looking into improving themselves. It will be the best decision you can make when choosing a doctor. Five stars does not do Dr. Robles and his staff justice they are a 10/10.

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Alyssa Ditroia


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BEST RESULTS! Dr. Robles is the best plastic surgeon ever! He really works with you to ensure you get the results you want. Extremly well educated. The staff is very supportive and kind.

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Dr. Ramon Robles

Robles Plastic Surgery

Dr. Ramon Robles is a highly reviewed, board-certified plastic surgeon who has helped patients from Phoenix, Scottsdale, and all over the Valley achieve life-changing results for more than 20 years. He is affiliated with leading professional medical organizations including:

  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • American Board of Plastic Surgery

To schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Robles, request an appointment online or call (602) 266-5100.

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"Dr. Robles is an amazing surgeon, and I cannot thank him enough for the results he was able to give me. His bedside manner was great and appropriate for a surgeon. He was very informative and forthcoming." RealSelf User

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