What to Expect During Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

In order to experience a successful recovery following Brazilian butt lift, patients should follow directions from Dr. Ramon Robles involving the use of compression garments, prescribed medications, and which activities to avoid. During your pre-surgical appointment at our Phoenix, AZ, practice, Dr. Robles will provide you with a list of postsurgical guidelines and tips. The easiest ways to achieve a smooth Brazilian butt lift recovery and satisfying results are following these instructions and attending all necessary follow-up appointments.

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Following your procedure, we recommend resting for the remainder of the day in order to facilitate healing. 

Immediately Following Surgery

Shortly after your procedure, you will be released to go home. Due to the nature of the butt lift procedure and the anesthesia involved, you will need to arrange for a loved one to drive you. It is not uncommon to feel sore and tired during the first week. Resting your body will help it recover more efficiently and reduce your risk for complications.

Dr.​ ​Robles​ ​is​ ​available​ ​on​ ​his​ ​cell phone​ ​at​ ​all​ ​times​ ​to answer​ ​any​ ​questions​ that arise ​during​ ​the​ ​recovery​ ​process.

Tips for Achieving a Smooth Recovery

Although each patient's healing process will vary slightly, there are general tips to consider. Should any complications arise, Dr. Robles is available on his cell phone at all times to answer any questions during the recovery process.

  • Ask for assistance. Because your activity will be limited the first few days, you may want to have someone available to stay with you and assist you with basic daily tasks.
  • Protect the treatment area. For the first two weeks, avoid sitting directly on your bottom for long periods of time, as this could disturb the fat injections and cause distortions in the buttocks.
  • Sleep on your side or stomach. Sleeping on your back could also cause complications with the injected fat. Try propping pillows around you so that you avoid rolling around in your sleep unknowingly.
  • Wear your compression garments. Dr. Robles will provide you with a compression garment that should be worn at all times unless showering. This garment will help the buttocks maintain its shape and control swelling. Patients who diligently wear their compression garment should enjoy a faster recovery and better results.
  • Exercise lightly. Walking during the first few weeks will promote healthy blood flow throughout the body and keep energy levels up. After about three weeks, you will be encouraged to begin light gluteal exercises, such as lunges and squats to enhance your results. Do not overexert yourself as this could cause a delay in your recovery.
  • Take medications as prescribed. You will be given pain relievers and antibiotics to help manage pain and prevent infection. We recommend filling these prescriptions before the procedure so they are easily available after surgery.
  • Avoid pools and hot tubs. It is imperative that the area is kept clean and dry. Both pools and hot tubs have certain bacteria that could increase your risk of infection.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Consuming healthy foods and drinking plenty of water will not only boost your energy levels and promote faster healing, but they will help promote a slimmer physique.
  • Avoid smoking. Tobacco-based products are bad for your health in general, but they can also slow your body’s ability to heal and fight off infection.

Schedule Your Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation

To learn more about a Brazilian butt lift and how it can benefit you, email our practice or call (602) 266-5100. Dr. Robles will be glad to answer your questions and concerns during a consultation, helping you better understand your candidacy and the recovery process.

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